Privacy Best Practices: Simplifying Social Sector Data Privacy

May 18
9:00 am MDT
45 mins

Webinar Host

Dr. Matthew Parker

Executive VP, Innovation & Technology


HelpSeeker is excited to present our webinar: Privacy Best Practices: Simplifying Social Sector Data Privacy

If your organization handles personally identifiable information of any kind, you have likely heard of a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) – a risk assessment framework used to identify and mitigate privacy risks. But do you know who needs to complete one, and who needs a PIA to avoid serious damage to their organization?

FACT: A PIA is best practice for every organization in the digital age. 

Does your organization provide services that deal with:

  • The protection, promotion, or assistance dealing with maintaining physical and mental health
  • Illness prevention, the diagnosis and treatment of illness
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Care for the health needs of the ill, disabled, injured or dying

If so, according to provincial and federal regulations, your organization needs a PIA. But don’t worry, this webinar will show you how the first step towards securing your clients information is reviewing the current state. 


A PIA will help your organization: 1) Improve compliance; 2) Expose risk; 3) Evaluate protections and alternative processes to mitigate potential privacy risks.

An overwhelming majority of Canadians (92%) say they are concerned about their privacy, and the average cost of a data breach for organizations in Canada is $6.7 million. Having robust privacy practices, especially when it comes to the collection, storage, and sharing of an individual’s private and personal information is not only a requirement – it is essential in ensuring public trust, and critical for the future operations of every organization in the digital age.


In this webinar, you will learn:

What a PIA consists of and the process to complete one

Why a PIA is best practice for any organization, and if you are mandated to complete one

How a PIA can be used to optimize your internal processes to greatly reduce risk and protect the individuals you serve

What to do with the information you gain from completing a PIA

Featured Speakers

Webinar Host

Dr. Matthew Parker

Executive VP, Innovation & Technology

Matt joined the HelpSeeker team in Nov 2020 with a background in driving innovation in the public sector and a heavy focus in healthcare. Matt has deep experience in driving innovation forward and developing commercialization strategies for these products. Previous to his work in AI/ML, Matt worked in commercialization and innovation in Toronto for Sinai Health System. Matt has obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Victoria and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business.

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