New Product Live Demo – Karto

May 12
9:00 am MDT
60 mins

Webinar Host

Dr. Alina Turner

Co-President & Co-Founder of HelpSeeker


HelpSeeker is excited to present our webinar: New Product Live Demo – Karto

Are you:

  • An Executive Director looking to expand into a new area, or getting ready for strategic planning and revenue diversification

  • A Program Manager reviewing service design or program performance and preparing funding proposals

  • A Communications & Fundraising Specialist developing new campaigns or donor relations strategies and cases for support

  • A Research and Evaluation Specialist assessing program trends and client needs or community social issues

  • A Case Manager and Outreach Worker advocating for client and community needs

On May 12, 2022, HelpSeeker is welcoming all Service Providers in Canada to join the first live demo of the newly launched Karto. A first-of-its kind platform, Karto lifts the lid on the increasingly complex network of organizations, services, and programs that are working hard to support community wellbeing and safety.

Leveraging a live digital inventory of over 100,000 social support listings across Canada, a 6.2 million word dataset, and search data from the HelpSeeker Navigation Platform, Karto is a powerful and cost-effective tool to help service providers plan, advocate, and navigate.

Karto will help you answer:

+ Which types of services are more common in my city versus others?
+ Which populations are the organizations serving?
+ Where might there be service duplication? Gaps?
+ Which organizations are providing which services?
+ What kind of supports are people looking for in my city and in specific neighbourhoods?

And we’re just getting started! We are building with, and for you, so that we can accelerate social change together.

Join us on May 12.


In this webinar, you will learn:

How Karto works in practical application

Learn more about innovations in social supply mapping

View features we are exploring for Karto and how they can impact your organization

Provide feedback on what you'd like to see next with Karto

Featured Speakers

Webinar Host

Dr. Alina Turner

Co-President & Co-Founder of HelpSeeker

Dr. Alina Turner is the Co-President & Co-Founder of HelpSeeker, a social enterprise harnessing tech innovation for the greater social good. She is recognized as a leading researcher and thinker on social issues with proven implementation results.

Alina is a Fellow at The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary and serves on the Board of Directors for A Way Home Canada and the Alberta Rural Development Rural Advisory Board on housing and homelessness. Her work on system planning is recognized as a leading practice and often called upon as a model across communities. Her drive and passion for this work are grounded in her lived experience of the social issues she continues to challenge in her professional work.

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