Algorithms for Good? Unlocking Social Transformation with AI

October 28
9:00 am MDT
60 mins

Webinar Host

Jesse Donaldson

EVP, Growth


HelpSeeker is excited to present our webinar: Algorithms for Good? Unlocking Social Transformation with AI

HelpSeeker will host a panel discussion on the current state, opportunities, and risks inherent in using advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to measure, predict and drive social change. We will hear from leaders in several social issue areas to unpack questions about equity, ethics, efficacy, and capacity. We’ll invite our panelists to lay a roadmap for the advancement of AI-driven decision-making in the social safety net and consider: what next?


In this webinar, you will learn:

The role of AI in measuring, predicting, and driving social change

Hear from several community leaders and their take on equity, ethics, efficacy, and capacity when leveraging AI to address complex social issues

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Featured Speakers

Webinar Host


Jesse Donaldson

EVP, Growth

Over the last decade, Jesse has dedicated her career to creating social change within and across public, private and charitable sectors. As the Government of Canada’s technical advisor for Point-in-Time Homeless Counts, Jesse supported more than 60 communities, between 2016 – 2018, to create enumeration strategies that met their unique, local needs. She has also co-authored several important publications on homelessness, including the first State of Homelessness in Canada, and a seminal study on youth homelessness in the Greater Toronto Region.

In the private sector, she’s created and implemented social purpose programs for companies like Starbucks, Petro-Canada, and Home Depot, to effect change in areas such as education, youth, food insecurity, mental health, employment, and caregiving.

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