Algorithms for Good? Unlocking Social Transformation with AI

October 28
60 mins

Webinar Host

Monique Fry

VP, Community Success


HelpSeeker is excited to present our webinar: Algorithms for Good? Unlocking Social Transformation with AI

HelpSeeker will host a panel discussion on the current state, opportunities, and risks inherent in using advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to measure, predict and drive social change. We will hear from leaders in several social issue areas to unpack questions about equity, ethics, efficacy, and capacity. We’ll invite our panellists to lay a roadmap for the advancement of AI-driven decision-making in the social safety net and consider: what next?


In this webinar, you will learn:

The role of AI in measuring, predicting, and driving social change

Hear from several community leaders and their take on equity, ethics, efficacy, and capacity when leveraging AI to address complex social issues

Featured Speakers

Webinar Host

Monique Fry

VP, Community Success

Monique is from the Xwchíyò:m First Nation on her grandfather’s side and from the shíshálh Nation on her grandmother’s side. Both Nations are located on territories that are currently known as the province of BC. She holds a Blackfoot name gifted by Elder Dr. Reg Crowshoe, which in English translates to “where the water meets the west shore spirit”.

Monique has 12+ years of experience in cross-cultural communication and stakeholder relations with a focus on successful engagement and partnerships with Indigenous communities. She brings both a lived experience perspective as a First Nations woman as well as career and academic experience holding an MA in Communication and Culture from the University of Calgary. Monique is recognized as a Cultural Mediator and holds relationships with diverse Elders and Knowledge Keepers from across Turtle Island. Her work in Calgary has included the intersection of understanding and tackling poverty, homelessness, health, human rights, education, justice and employment of Indigenous peoples. One of her strengths is in relationship building and connections to community leaders, as well as those in non-profit, corporate and government.

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