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Complex social issues are often caused by a misalignment of supply and demand — too many or too few social supports to meet the wellbeing needs of a community. 

Our data and tools — used by all levels of governments and funders — provide a deep look at social response, help measure demand for social supports, and inform new social infrastructure investment models.

Mapping the social response including service and program frequency, populations served, costs, capacity, and common information & referral pathways to trace money flowing into the social safety net. We examine funding from different levels of government, systems players, private funders and individual donors to understand the services and financial assets that already exist.



Human-centered design approaches to co-create social infrastructure and service models with people with lived and living experience, service providers, and other stakeholders.





Tools to measure demand for social infrastructure across 16 domains of community safety and wellbeing, or for a single issue such as homelessness or recovery.


Interactive tools to determine what level of investment is required to right-size supply and demand for social supports, using traditional and novel models of social service delivery.


Models to create integrated investment strategies and shared performance management across multiple levels of government, community funders, and systems stakeholders.

Community Success Suite

Need more than a one-off solution? Sign up for a 12-month subscription to the Community Success Suite and discover all the tools you need to transform your community. 

Start now and have a dedicated team of social issues experts assigned to your community to create a social infrastructure blueprint – a community-tailored roadmap for resolving complex social issues.

Your platform for accessing:

  • In-depth supply mapping data
  • Service supply mix
  • Service and population analysis
  • Supply map quality
  • 60 hours of hands-on training with the HelpSeeker Navigation Platform – facilitating equitable access to supports.
  • Discovery and community survey
  • Custom infrastructure blueprint
  • 12 checkpoints
  • 60 action hours (applied at client discretion)
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