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Whether you’re a first-year or it’s your tenth year in class, you can find the student resources, helplines and benefits you need right in your area!

What Kind of Help Can Students Find On HelpSeeker?

Food Security


Housing Support

Safety & Abuse



All Students Need Help Sometimes.

Being a full-time or part-time student is challenging for many reasons – expenses like tuition, rent and food add up quickly, not to mention the stress of homework, exams and overall performance.

HelpSeeker is here to tell you: you’re not alone! There is immediate help available.

How Does HelpSeeker Work?

Visit HelpSeeker.org, enter your location and search your area for student services.

Search the map of your area for services that match your needs. Or use a filter to narrow your results.

Select a provider and contact them via email or phone, or visit their website for more information.

Do you work with students and need a faster, easier way to connect them to the support they need?

Get in touch now to learn how you can partner with HelpSeeker to provide greater student support than ever before.

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Absolutely fantastic! This is a much-needed service. As a teacher, I feel now like I am better equipped to support my students with their needs. This is a resource that every teacher should have and should be promoting with their students.


This is a great place to get the help needed! As an educator, I can see this becoming a vital resource for me to use for my students. Can’t wait for more organizations to sign up and continue to make this a better and better platform for people to get help.


As a teacher, this app is absolutely needed. I am so thrilled to be able to support my students in their mental health. Thank you!!!

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