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We know that urgent social issues don’t wait for needs assessments and budget cycles.

Our teams apply a unique process to quickly define problems, co-design solutions, test interventions, measure impact, and scale only what works. That is, what makes a measurable impact on individual and community wellbeing.

A two-week process to guide a group of stakeholders through the entire innovation process, from defining a problem to building a solution and testing it out.

A high-touch, 6 to 8 week process to develop a solution for a seemingly intractable problem, such as individual community harm caused by urgent social infrastructure gaps, or opportunity.

Solution Sprint Sample Challenges

How might we support clients with a greater complexity of needs, without additional investment?

How might we reduce crime in a particular neighbourhood by 40% with existing resources?

How might we build a common referral process across a community?

How might we leverage policing and social support to increase community safety and support mental health challenges at individual levels?

How might we leverage philanthropic investments in a novel way to solve community-level challenges?

How might we reduce domestic violence-related incidents by 20%?

How might we implement trauma-informed practices across the social response?

How might we reduce duplication and waste in the food-support sector?

How might we adopt anti-racist frameworks across all homelessness and housing services?

How might we create an accountability framework to support a community safety and wellbeing plan?

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