Find Where Your Social Safety Net is Broken

Fragmented. Confusing. Inefficient. Sound Familiar?

Even with billions invested in services to help people with an array of urgent needs, millions of people still simply fall through the cracks. But what if you had a clearer picture of the effectiveness of investment dollars, and could help countless more people access support?


At HelpSeeker, we know social safety nets require repair. Poor service integration from an end-user perspective, and people not knowing where to look for help is just the beginning. Outdated data collection and sharing between service providers, and funders having limited lines of sight to investment impact are holding your system back.

What Does Systems Mapping Give You?


  • A full inventory of service providers & programs
  • Greater transparency of effectiveness & impact
  • In-depth coordination between providers & demand analysis
  • Superior service access for improved user outcomes

Utilize the HelpSeeker Navigation App


Connect users and generate data for your systems mapping dashboard

The HelpSeeker Navigation App is the easiest way to connect people in need with the services to help, fast! Using geolocation technology, users can search a comprehensive dynamic digital inventory of social, community and health supports to find the best help for their needs, right in their area.


How Does HelpSeeker Systems Mapping Work?


We begin by geo-mapping all supports related to the social safety net in your region, creating a comprehensive directory. 

You get an up-to-date, live inventory of service providers to start optimizing your social safety net. 


We deploy and promote the free HelpSeeker Navigation App.

Users can easily connect to support where they live, and with our help, service providers claim and manage their listings on the platform to keep all information up-to-date. 


We start collecting real-time data on your social safety net and give you unlimited access to your digital dashboard that includes:

  • Insights on service supply and user demand 
  • Analysis of the service mix and program components
  • A live heat map of category interactions and service listings, & more

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