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HelpSeeker's Navigation App is available at, and as a mobile app for Apple and Android, and allows individuals to search for, and connect with, service providers and programs in their community. Is your service on the map?

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To democratize Canada’s social safety net by making it easily accessible to all. Help us connect people to the help they need, when they need it, by claiming your organization's listing.


Share your service menu with clients, funders, and other providers

By claiming your agency's listing, you control the information that is shared with potential clients and other service providers seeking referral information.

Easily share contact information, hours of operation, eligibility criteria, and detailed program descriptions.

Use data to build better services that meet community needs

Claimed agencies unlock essential data for program design, funding applications, and strategic planning.

Know what help people are searching for, access a detailed analysis of the services and programs available in a community, and show funders demand for services.


Enhance your presence in the social sector ecosystem

Access digital and print materials to connect people to your service, and join training opportunities on topics like service transformation and data-driven decision-making.

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Claim your organizations listing on our Navigation App, to provide the most up-to-date information on your services, and be the first to access our new features.


New features on HelpSeeker Navigation App & Wellbeing Screener

We are relaunching our navigation tools with more features including improved tagging and easier navigation. We are creating a better experience, for better data.

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Interested in more actionable data on complex social issues?

Learn about the HelpSeeker's Community Success Hub for community decision-makers.

Community Success Hub

Decision makers need immediate access to the best information so they can make evidence-based policy, funding, and service decisions on complex social challenges.