What is systems planning & systems mapping?

Systems Planning is the process of strategically mapping, coordinating, and delivering services, supports, and programs with the rights, needs, and desires of the client/user at the centre. Its aim is to create an integrated ecosystem of care in which various actors and systems work together towards solutions to complex social problems.

While there are lots of ways we can think about systems conceptually, when it comes to operationalizing them, we need to have the basics first: real, up-to-date information about who’s doing what in the social safety net ecosystem.

Systems mapping is all about making sense of your local complexity in a methodical fashion, and giving you the information you need in real-time to make better decisions at a policy, funding, and service-design level.

In other words, to meaningfully transform systems, we need to have at minimum the most basic information about the services operating in a region:

What services do they offer? • Who are they serving? • Who’s funding them?
What capacity/occupancy they have? • What users say about them? • How are users accessing them?


This policy applies to First Nations communities with an active and established client relationship to HelpSeeker, and may be updated from time to time.

Helpseeker recognizes First Nations are in the best position to understand their own needs and govern their own information. The right of First Nations peoples to own, control, access, and possess information about their peoples is fundamentally tied to self-determination, and to the preservation and development of their culture.

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