Defragmenting & Reimagining Service Delivery

Optimize Together

There are hundreds of thousands of services, organizations, and programs involved in addressing individual and community wellbeing. 

Our tools, processes, and data — used by service organizations and systems stakeholders — support the optimization of these efforts through digitization, coordination, and innovative, people-centred design.

Optimization is not an efficiency exercise. It’s about reimagining models of service, so that impact is more equitable, sustainable, and effective.

- Jesse Donaldson, EVP Growth, HelpSeeker


Human-centered design methods to create supports and programs that are demand-led by people’s needs, rather than funder-prescribed.



Tools to create organizational-level service menus that increase clarity about offerings, inform funding applications, and develop impact models.



Processes to develop data frameworks and collection processes to measure performance.



Privacy impact assessments and development of data equity frameworks to enhance compliance in an equity-driven environment.

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