Canada’s Largest Dataset on Social Infrastructure.

Gain visibility into the social infrastructure of your city to make data-informed decisions on policy-making and program design, funding and budget allocations, and more.

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HelpSeeker has the largest qualitative dataset on social infrastructure in Canada

Using this data we built the Karto platform for municipal leaders, funders, researchers, consultants, and charitable & non-profit organizations.

Karto will help you answer the questions:

Karto for Municipal Leaders

As Municipal Leaders, leverage never-before-seen data to create data-informed policy, plan, or recalibrate the existing social infrastructure, negotiate with provincial and federal governments and instigate collaborations within the social sector to develop optimal solutions to pressing social issues.

Karto for Service Providers

As Service Providers, leverage practical information about which organizations operate in your community, which populations they serve, who funds them, and what service gaps exist to modify current programs, add new ones, build funding advocacy, create evidence-backed, visual grant applications, and make better, faster client referrals.

Karto for Funders

As Funders, deploy funds efficiently and effectively and coordinate investment planning with other funders in the sector by leveraging a holistic view of the financial resources flowing into a social response based on source (ex. levels of government) and area of focus.

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