Data-Informed Decision Making

Data-driven service design, advocacy, client referrals, grant applications, and more.

Leveraging a live digital inventory of over 100,000 social support listings across Canada, a 6.2 million word dataset, and community needs data, Karto is your most powerful and cost-effective tool for effective service design, advocacy, client referrals, grant applications, and more.

Karto Is Designed For

Service Providers

Municipal Leaders

Fundraising Specialists

Research Specialists

Policy Makers

Make Sense Of Your Community’s Network Of Social Supports

Karto lifts the lid on the increasingly complex network of 1000s of organizations, services, and programs that are working hard to support your community’s wellbeing and safety.

Karto helps you answer:

Expedite Grant Applications & Funding Proposal Writing

Save hours of research time by accessing Karto’s curated data insights on social needs, demand for social supports, and service gaps in your community. Create evidence-backed, visual grant applications & cases for support.

Design Programs That Meet The Needs Of Your Community

Karto gives you practical information about which organizations in your community do what, the populations they serve, and points you to areas where service gaps may exist. Leverage this knowledge to modify existing programs, and introduce new programs and offerings.

Make Better, Faster Client Referrals

A sortable directory of all agencies in your community makes referrals that perfectly meet your client’s needs easier than ever. Generate and print custom resource guides. Include every resource you need, and nothing you don’t.

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