Build better referrals in the social sector outside of the usual suspects.

A platform to help you understand the social sector ecosystem without needing decades of experience. Improve your system navigation and support happier, healthier clients.


Service Gaps & Duplications

Get an easy-to-understand visualization of your local social sector, who does what, for whom and where.

Built-in Social Data Insights

Go beyond referrals by understanding how social trends are impacting your community to be better prepared for client needs.

Service Continuums

Dig deep without the phone call to know whether a referral is going to be meet client needs by browsing the exact offerings in different service continuums.

Maps of Social Needs

Understand in real time the neighbourhoods where people are looking for help right now, and what they’re looking for.

Transparent Service Menus

Create easy to understand service menus that clients and other professionals can understand so you can save time with mismatched referrals and save the client frustration.

Customizable Resource Guides

Edit and curate your own printable and shareable resource guides – perfect for curating the right programs for your clients in printable formats.

Subscription Packages



$5,988 per year

Billed monthly

Yearly subscription




$5,000 per year

Billed once per annum

$988 discount for upfront payment



Based on your needs: