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HelpSeeker Navigation App

HelpSeeker's Navigation App and Wellbeing Screener, available at, and as a mobile app for Apple and Android allows individuals to search for, and connect with, service providers and programs in their community.

In partnership with the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Association

Over 245,000 services across Canada have been mapped, in categories that include housing, education, mental health, child care, and more.

The front-facing inventory of services, benefits and social programs

Allows people to connect to the right help, while the detailed system map and usage data provides insights to service providers, and community decision makers on social needs, service-mixes, and optimal funding allocations.

If you are interested in:

Adopting our navigation tools in your organization or community to provide frontline workers and people looking for help with quick and easy access to an exhaustive inventory of social supports,

Our Partnerships Team is here to help.

Are you a service provider?

Claim your organizations listing on our Navigation App, to provide the most up-to-date information on your services, and be the first to access our new features.


HelpSeeker Navigation App and Wellbeing Screener 3.0

We are relaunching our navigation tools with more features including improved tagging and easier navigation. We are creating a better experience, for better data.

Interested in more actionable data on complex social issues?

Learn about the HelpSeeker Decision Support System for community decision-makers.

Decision Support System

Decision makers need immediate access to the best information so they can make evidence-based policy, funding, and service decisions on complex social challenges.

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