Decision Makers

AI-Supported decision making

A Decision-Support System
for the social sector

HelpSeeker’s Decision Support System — leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence — promotes faster, more effective decision making. Data analytics, visualizations, insights, and training give community decision makers the data they need to act quickly on social issues, and the expertise to use that data most effectively.

Make data-driven decisions, without the wait

The typical consulting report for a community needs assessment can cost as much as $100K, and take months to complete. By the time it’s done, it needs updating and will likely never be implemented. Our system gives access to 100s of data indicators, with insights you can use.

Understand the past,
plan better for the future

To understand the current social landscape, decision-makers must know how community trends have changed over time, and anticipate where they will go next. Our system measures historical changes, and through AI-driven analysis, provides scenarios to predict future social needs.

Built-in social
equity lens

Unlock insights into the experiences of diverse demographics related to key social issues. Leverage a team of social innovation experts, to help identify drivers of inequity, and build solutions that promote Reconciliation, inclusion, diversity, equity and sovereignty.

Compare trends across communities

Social issues don’t exist in silos, neither should data. Our system allows for comparison of social indicators across communities so that decision-makers can contextualize their own data, and learn from others.


Comprehensive training and technical support

Our Community Success team offers technical assistance and training opportunities to support you to answer: so what does this data mean? And where do we go from here? Receive personalized insights, resources and training based on unique community priorities.

Easy to understand interactive data and visualizations

Planning, policy and investment decisions are rarely made by a single stakeholder. The interactive data visualizations make complex data simple to understand, and compelling to present to your key stakeholders.

Join our early adopters

Decision Support System subscribers receive
12 months access to:

  • All Core Data Modules + choice of modules from the Focused and Advanced Series
  • Support from a dedicated social innovation expert, with scheduled checkpoints
  • Access to training, resources, and templates
  • Personalized implementation support of the HelpSeeker Navigation App
  • Connection to a community of decision makers who are also solving complex social problems

We are adding modules and features throughout the year.

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