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HelpSeeker’s Community Success Hub

Streamline social research and data analysis and make an even greater social impact.

HelpSeeker’s Community Success Hub is a digital social decision support platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It takes in hundreds of social data points, to generate trends, comparisons, in-depth analysis, and insights at your fingertips at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional needs assessments.  More than trends, the platform also generates suggestions and solutions to shorten the time from research to action.


Eliminates the needs for expensive/time consuming staff/consultant needs

assessment reports (months/tens of thousands of dollars) with limited impact.

Keeps social needs assessments up-to-date

with built-in data pipelines for most recent data updates, so you don’t have keep re-doing needs assessments.

Provides an understanding of trends, comparisons across regions, over time, and on key demographics

to give a deeper understanding of social issues.

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Community Success

Community Success Hub

  • Community Snapshot Module
  • Systems Mapping Module


  • Needs Assessment Modules
  • Modelling and Simulation Modules

Community Success Hub Overview

HelpSeeker’s Community Success Hub – Leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – promotes faster, more effective decision making towards Community Success. The Community Success Hub provides data synthesis, visualizations and insights for key topics on equitable wellbeing. Compare social trends with similar sized communities, and against provincial averages. 

Modular Approach:

Core Modules

Community Snapshot


System Mapping


Add-On Modules

Needs Assessment


Modeling & Simulation





Domestic Violence

Inclusion & Diversity

Mental Health & Addictions


Homeless Simulation

Suicide Simulation

Domestic Violence Simulation

Social Impact Audit

Performance Modelling

We are adding modules and features throughout the year.

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