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Overcome security risks with Privatec – our Privacy Impact Assessment. Protect private information. Protect your social service organization. 


Karto is your most powerful and cost-effective tool for impactful service design, advocacy, client referrals, grant applications, and more. 


 Individual and community wellbeing are interconnected and layered. While funding mandates drive sector-specific responses, we know that social issues can’t be addressed in a silo. 


Together, we can apply our human-centred design processes to any social issue or opportunity. 

Homelessness & Housing
Community Safety & Wellbeing
Addictions & Mental Health
Reconciliation, Discrimination & Racism
Drugs, Alcohol & Recovery
Interpersonal & Domestic Violence
Poverty, Food & Income Security
COVID Social Responses & Recovery
Youth Wellbeing
Immigration & Settlement

Need a Fast-Solution Design for an Urgent Issue?

100s of Social Solutions in Over 65 Communities

We’ve mapped over 300,000 social supports and traced over $380 billion into Canada’s current social safety net.

Yet people are not getting the help they need, and we have inexcusable social inequities. We all have the mandate to do something different.

– Dr. Alina Turner, Co-President, HelpSeeker

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