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HelpSeeker offers a full stack of systems planning and integration solutions to enhance the impact of the social safety net.

Together, these tools can transform convoluted and ineffective silos into person-centred, lean, and integrated ecosystems.

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We partner with a variety of government, non-profit, and private organizations engaged in social impact and innovation work across Canada. To date, HelpSeeker is present in more than 200 communities across Canada.

Case Studies


The City of Lethbridge, AB mobilized over 400 service providers to develop a coordinated response to community safety and wellbeing.

HelpSeeker was used to develop a comprehensive systems map to this end and showcase how best to coordinate over $700M in annual investments locally.

Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat, AB is credited with being the first city to end homelessness. Their next challenge is to fully transform their social service ecosystem and create an integrated Coordinated Access model to all services and benefits.

This is how Jaime Rogers, lead systems planner, is using HelpSeeker to inform decision-making, systems transformation and innovation.

Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie has made remarkable progress in prevention and intervention strategies for poverty and homelessness since the development and implementation of numerous plans from 2009 onward. Many of these plans call for increased collaboration and integration of community agencies to work together to improve delivery of social services.

The purpose of Integrated Coordinated Access (ICA) is to develop a standardized process that individuals in need and service providers can follow to improve service delivery and coordination of resources for social supports. The Grande Prairie Integrated Coordinated Access Model prioritizes the development of a community-wide strategy to improve access to social services with both immediate and long-term recommendations.

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